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The Cooley Environmental and Health Group was founded at a meeting in 1994 driven by concerns about the implications of the Sellafield nuclear plant for the health of the residents in the Cooley peninsula and beyond. Since then its concerns have broadened to encompass a broad range of environmental and health issues. A short history of the Group, along with details of its composition, constitution and sponsors is provided on the About Us and Constitution pages.

A summary of the discussions at Committee meetings and other meetings is provided on the Meetings page. However, since 2001 the major event in the Group's calendar has been the Annual Winter Workshops. The Workshops page provides a summary of past workshops, plus detailed accounts of those in more recent years. It also provides information about the next Winter Workshop as it becomes  known. The workshops are open to everyone, so please come along if you think you will be interested.

The 2018 Workshop was held on Saturday 27th January in the Stand Hotel, Omeath on Mental Health Care in Louth 1918–2018 and Beyond. Further details will be provided here shortly. The 2017 Workshop on the theme Housing and Homelessness. A full report of that meeting may be viewed here. You may also view some photographs taken at the 2017 Workshop here.

The issue of Sellafield still remains a concern for the Group. Although the Cancer Conference in 2004 concluded that there was little evidence to suggest that health of people in Cooley was adversely affected by Sellafield in the past, the threat of a major industrial accident still remains a live issue. However, Sellafield is not the only issue addressed by the Group. The text of submissions made by the Group on behalf of the people in Cooley on other issues may be viewed in the Submissions page.

The Committee has discussed the possibility of developing a mapping project, to provide an on-line atlas depicting various features of environmental and health-related interest in the Cooley peninsula. This is still at an early stage, but further details are available on the Map Project page. The Map Project page also contains a link to a separate page providing links to health-related maps on other sites.

We are always interested in hearing your views, not only about the web-site but also issues relating to health or the environment, so please feel free to contact us using the facility on the Contact Us page if there is an issue you feel we should address.

Although not listed on the menu bar above, the site now contains a page on the history of Local Government in Ireland with some useful links which were intended to provide background to the 2015 Workshop but are still relevant.

At some point in the future we hope to include more photographs, of both people and places, mostly taken by our resident photographer, Seán Crudden. We also hope to include a Guestbook where you can post feedback for others to read.
Please note that our business meetings which are held every second month or so are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Please consider coming along. The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday 20th January at the Strand Hotel, Omeath at 10am. Please come along if you would like to get involved.

For more topical ongoing news, please visit us at Facebook by clicking on icon on the left.
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