Report on Cooley Environmental and Health Group Meeting, Sunday 25th November 2012
The CEHG held a special meeting Chaired by Prof. Dennis Pringle Sunday 25 November 2012 which focused mainly on the forthcoming workshop being arranged for Saturday 26th January 2013 in the Strand Hotel Omeath from 2 pm until 5.30 pm six speakers are being recruited with three being confirmed to date and three more in the pipeline. Final lists will be released to the media after our 13th January 2013 meeting in the Strand Hotel Omeath.

This year’s workshop will have a slightly different format than in previous years as six main speakers will answer questions after their individual slot of around 15 minutes for each speaker. Please note if time allows the floor will be asked to put questions to the entire panel. However this event is open to all the public who wish to participate in the workshop which has the theme of “Mental Health – Peers in Progress”.

Under AOB it is requested that we explore the possibility of producing maps for the Cooley Peninsula. This issue is to be on the agenda for the February 2013 meeting.
Next meeting is on the 13th January 2013 @ 10 am in The Strand Hotel Omeath Co Louth.

Archbishop Michael D Hynes

Report on Cooley Environmental and Health Group Meeting, Sunday 16th September 2012

The main thrust of the meeting was for forthcoming workshop on “Mental Health: Peers in Progress”. The workshop will run for 2 PM until 5.30 PM Approximately on Saturday 26th January 2013. Mr Dermot Mooney will undertake the role facilitator for this workshop.

The 2013 workshop will look at what mental health peers are at and try to see what can be done to progress mental health facilities as well as mental health in general.

Prof Dennis Pringle is mentor of the group and we hope to have more details after the next meeting of CEHG being held Sunday 7th October 2012 @ 10 AM in The Strand Hotel Omeath.

Archbishop Michael D Hynes

Report on Cooley Environmental and Health Group Meeting, Sunday 24th June 2012

The meeting commenced with breakfast in the Strand Hotel welcoming our mentor Dr Dennis Pringle, Professor Emeritus, NUI Maynooth on board.

On the advice of our mentor the 2013 workshop will focus on 4 + main speakers who will answer questions put to them by the participants of the workshop. The areas the main speakers will cover shall be released in due course.

Three main speakers have been confirmed to date including our facilitator for 2013 Mr Dermot Mooney Chairperson of CEHG.

Next meeting is Sunday 10th September 2012 @ 10 AM in the Strand Hotel Omeath.

Archbishop Michael D Hynes

Report on Cooley Environmental and Health Group Meeting, Sunday 24th March 2012

The meeting got off to an early start with the agenda dealing with the Workshop held 28th January 2012 in Strand Hotel Omeath on the theme of “Suicide Prevention”...

The meeting heard that “personal experiences of attempted suicide gave a very realistic picture and that this experience enlightens us all to the extreme difficulties a potential can face and still face.

There was anger however with the HSE letting us down virtually at the last minute and requests were made to have them address a future meeting or event. However PIPS got great praise for their efforts reflected through Mr Seámus McCabe their Rep based in Newry area. All felt that this was the best workshop in of this past 12 years and the theme for 2013 Workshop is to be “Mental Health-Peers in Progress”. The Facilitator is to be Mr Dermot Mooney current Chairperson of CEHG.

It was mentioned as agreed at the AGM on 28th January 2012 the Secretary is to ask Prof Dennis Pringle of Maynooth University to become a “Mentor” for CEHG

Meeting Schedule for 2012 as follows to be held in The Strand Hotel Omeath:

Sunday 15th April 2012 @ 10 AM
Sunday 13th May 2012 @10 AM
Sunday 24th June 2012 @ 10 AM
Sunday 14th September 2012@ 10 AM
Sunday 25th November 2012 @ 10 AM

New members are welcome to attend all meetings.

Archbishop Michael D Hynes