The following people attended the workshop which had a decidedly international flavour: Paul Jennings; Gráinne Kellet; Anne Muldowney; Eric Hynes; Eric Cuthbert; Stanley Millen; Dermot Mooney; Seamus McCabe; Tomisin Gbadamosi; Harry Lee; Kevin Hynes; Isaac Adewole; Michael Desmond Hynes; Titilobe Obiyomi; Don Johnston; Pat Ferrigan; Kevin McGeough; Seán Crudden. Written apologies from Dennis Pringle and Gareth Phelan were read out when the workshop commenced.

Photographs may be viewed on Sean's Wordpress site (seancrudden.wordpress.com).

Seán Crudden read an article written specially for the workshop by his friend Michal Caletka, Brno, Czech Republic, entitled, "Mike's little something on suicide and on suicide in psychiatry especially."

Don Johnston outlined two case studies involving an older woman and a young man. He raised the question whether if sucidal people were detained suicide could be prevented? Or is it predestined and inevitable?

Eric Hynes told the workshop that there was no suicide in Cooley in the 1930's and 1940's or if there was he never heard about it. Facilitator Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMD PhD asked was suicide hidden at that time. Seán Crudden commented that what we know about suicide even now is superficial. What appears in the newspapers is only window dressing he alleged.

Gráinne Kellet said she was a survivor and there was no point in hiding it. She gave a fluent, detailed and dramatic account of all the events surrounding her suicide attempt a year previously and read a substantial piece of writing from her own journal written at the time.

Stanley Millen described an encounter with a man who was suicidal over the death of his dog. "I am worried about my dog's death and you are talking to me about God?" the man remarked. Stanley pointed out that god is dog spelt backwards. Stanley maintained that suicidal people are looking at life upside down. Stanley put the question from scripture, "What must I do to get into God's favour?" Of course the answer is, "Believe in the Lord Jesus." There is hope at a higher level Stanley maintained.

Pastor Isaac Adewole indicated that suicide was a result of a certain frame of mind, a wrong interpretation of the situation at the time. He counselled that it is not enough to give love; everyone must learn to accept love as well.

Seamus McCabe, PIPS, described the death of his son Seamas 8 years ago by suicide at age 20 underlining the fact that suicide sometimes comes totally out of the blue for some families. He outlined the creation of current government strategies; Protect Life, in NI; Reach Out, in RoI. Seamus outlined some interesting statistics showing suicide is an increasing problem north and south. 70% of persons who killed themselves in NI were not previously known to the mental health services. He also asserted that many people who attempt suicide are ambivalent about it.

Paul Jennings put a lot of emphasis on behavioural science and psychotherapy as a preventative. I think he made the point that it sometimes does more harm than good to give people insight. How people feel is an important indicator of public health. "How does any of us survive?" he concluded.

Titilobe said it is necessary to try as much as possible to convince people that suicide is not a solution to any problem. "We can overcome any situation," she advised, "Suicide is never an option."

Tomisin pointed out that things are worse than Ireland, in Africa. No-one commits suicide in Africa. He pointed out that Irish people expect someone in a higher authority to solve their problems.

Thanking everyone for attending, Dermot Mooney, chairperson of Cooley Environmental and Health Group, adverted to commercial pressures, relationship problems, lack of money, no signs in many cases, suicide among young males.

Archbishop Hynes pointed out that not everything can be learned by reading a book. He asked people to keep an open mind and to keep on learning.

Seán Crudden proposed the following officer board for CEHG for the coming year. Chairperson, Dermot Mooney; Vice-chairperson, Anne M. Muldowney; Secretary and PRO, Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMD PhD; Treasurer, John Anthony (Seán) Crudden BSc H Dip. in Ed. He also proposed to request Professor Dennis Pringle to act as mentor to CEHG for the coming year in the hope that the professor would see fit to accede to the request. Seán's proposals were approved unanimously by the assembly. Seán said he hoped to see everyone back again next year when the topic would be "Peers in Progress," a personal mentoring, buddy scheme, centred around mental patients and people heading into mental crisis.

12 workshop participants sat down for a delicious 4-course beef dinner which was served without delay at 17.05. Proceedings had commenced at 14.15 slightly later than the slated starting time of 14.00.

The workshop took place in The Strand Hotel, Omeath, Co. Louth, Ireland, on Saturday 28 January 2012.