Reports On Meetings Held In 2013

Report on Cooley Environment and Health Group Meeting, Sunday 8th December 2013

The meeting was successful and very interesting possibly due to the fact the next meeting on the 12th January is the last one before the grand finale the Workshop 2014 on the 25th January 2014. The theme for the workshop will hopefully prove topical: "Sustainable Economic Development at Local Level - An Alternative to Austerity". How can we address the current problems and sustain employment within the present economic situation of which we are all part and parcel. The new website is now up and running and many thanks were given to Prof Dennis Pringle who volunteered his time and ability into getting the site up and running. As well the Facebook page is proving to be a good source for communicating information to the populous especially the youth.
Next meeting is scheduled for the 12th January 2014 @ 10 am in the Strand Hotel Omeath Co Louth.

Archbishop Michael D Hynes

Report on Cooley Environment and Health Group Meeting, Sunday 27th October 2013

On a nice autumn Sunday morning a good humoured executive meeting went in full swing with the Chairperson just having returned from Majorca the Treasurer back from Scotland. It was revealed at the meeting the following:

• A Facebook page now exists for Cooley Environmental & Health Group and is proving much success for younger members of the populous to access. 

• Clarification is being sought into the running of the LCC&VF from the County manager and the Department of the Environment regarding what is meant by Community and Voluntary Participation and who is entitled to sit on the above Forum. As well the CEHG want to know in the interest of precedence and best practice “who has the upper hand - the Chairperson, - Forum or the Secretariat? It was argued “the Secretariat is to facilitate not dictate while this may not be seen as the case in Louth. Is the Secretariat Infallible by hiding under the Phrase “in the interest of precedence and good practice”? Our Chairperson Mr Dermot Mooney failed to see how “Paid officials who may be referred to as professionals can sit on the Louth Community and Voluntary Forum sector as they are paid workers not community or voluntary and thus in conflict with government policy on Community and Voluntary structures as there is clear conflict of interest here”! Is it just and fair - that these members are voting- as their status would automatically disqualify from voting in areas of Community and Voluntary interest?

• Signor Seán Crudden was congratulated on his election as Vice Chairperson on ENUSP which takes him the heart of Europe for meetings.

Dermot Mooney, Chair CEHG

Report on Cooley Environmental and Health Group Meeting, Sunday 18th August 2013

a. A nice relaxed atmosphere was encountered in the Strand Hotel as the latest developments were discussed in great detail.

b. An extra page has been added to the website entitled “Map Project”. Prof Dennis Pringle is responsible for the development of this project with the support of CEHG. The hope is to map a fairly comprehensive list of services, activities and events that are taking place in the Cooley Peninsula and it hinterlands. In doing this the group welcome suggestions and information about the various interactions going on in the Peninsula and surrounding area. The website address may be viewed at:

c. The structuring for the workshop 25th January 2014 is now in full swing and participants are being invited in the light that the focus may make clearer the workshop topic: “Sustainable Economic Development at Local Level – An Alternative to Austerity”.

d. Seán Crudden Treasurer proposed deep sympathy is addressed to the McCrystal Family on the sudden death of Aidan a very popular figure in the local community. May Aidan Rest in Peace.

Archbishop Michael D Hynes

Report on Cooley Environmental and Health Group Meeting, Sunday 30th June 2013

Our Mentor Prof Dennis Pringle was congratulated for his work on the website organising it for better access to information.

After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that the title for the 2014 workshop would be "Sustainable Economic Development at Local Level: - An Alternative to Austerity”? This workshop will be held on Saturday 25th January 2014 from 2 PM to 5.30 PM

The executive are now in the process of researching what kind of questions need to be addressed and who best to answer such questions. With a budget looming in or around October the format of the workshop might become much more interesting as Austerity policies do not appear to be working:
many people now feel that they are pushed to the wall and can take no more.

There are conflicting views on the topic of austerity and we need to be aware that there is a break off point with regard to how far cuts can go before they are counter-productive. We need to be aware that we are in the European Community where the market is very competitive and therefore we need to ask whether we are competitive and gauge what impact austerity has on our economy. We also need to assess what alternatives there are for making economic development sustainable in the medium or longer term.

We are now part of a European capitalist economy which is interdependently linked, very competitive and rapidly changing at an increasing rate in recent years. Ireland is paying its price for such economic development and many may ask development for whom? A capitalist economy is based on capitalist exploitation where there are winners and losers. The 2014 workshop will be focusing on our neck of the wood: Cooley and its hinterlands.

Mr Dermot Mooney is to be the facilitator for this forthcoming workshop.

Archbishop Michael D Hynes

Report on Cooley Environmental and Health Group Meeting, Sunday 24th March 2013

Despite the weather the meeting got off to a prompt start all officers landed whether on road or by air to enjoy a delicious breakfast in the Strand Hotel before proceeding with the meeting that involved discussion of the January workshop Mental Health - Peers in Progress of which all agreed was a great success for all who took part.

There was also a good cheer for the facilitator Mr Dermot Mooney Chairperson of CEHG as well as the many speakers and participants who took part on this past 2013 workshop.

The meeting have agreed on a theme for the workshop to be held on Saturday 25th January 2014 as follows: Local Impact of Austerity on Environment & Health.

Meeting dates are as follows for Sunday mornings @ 10 AM in The Strand Hotel Omeath Co Louth; 30th June, 18th August, 20th October 8th December 2013 and 12th January 2014 then the workshop on the 25th January 2014.

A discussion of mapping in the area concluded with the groups mentor Prof Dennis Pringle to be reporting to the June meeting on this task. As well the Prof is going to address the website: over the coming months.

After a few photographs the meeting concluded noting the next meeting date as Sunday 16th June 2013 @ 10 AM in the Strand Hotel Omeath.

Archbishop Michael D Hynes