A Complete List Of Workshops
2020 : Health and Environment: 20 Years On
2019 : The Health and Environmental Impact of Brexit on the Local Area
2018 : Mental Health Care in Louth 1918-2018 and Beyond.
2017 : Housing And Homelessness: Falling Through The Cracks
2016 : Water - Guaranteeing A Safe Supply
2015 : Leadership and Participation: Community Development and the Demise of Local Government
2014 : Sustainable Local Development In The Local Area
2013 : Peers In Progress
2012 : Suicide
2011 : Obesity
2010 : Back To Basics - A Plan For Survival
2009 : Bullying
2008 : Anti-Social Behaviour
2007 : Urban Sprawl
2006 : Isolation
2005 : Organisation and Health
2004 : Fabrication, Machinery, Dundalk and The Environment
2003 : Personal Energy
2002 : Energy
2001 : Safety

Summary Of Earlier Workshops

For many years regular public monthly meetings were held in Ballymascanlon Hotel on Sunday mornings at 10.30 a.m. They received generous coverage from LMFM and the Dundalk Democrat.

These meetings were supplemented in 2001 by the 1st Winter Workshop held in Bush Post-Primary School on Saturday 27 January on Safety. Dr Brian Donlevy, Director of the Chemistry Department, DKIT, was the principal guest speaker and he dealt with all aspects of farm safety. Other experts dealt with fire safety, food safety, road safety and safety in contact sport. This workshop was facilitated by Sean Crudden, Treasurer of Cooley Environmental and Health Group.

Another highlight in 2001 was the visit of Pippa Morrison, Marine Conservation Manager, Ulster Wildlife Trust and The World Wildlife Fund, to the Group’s ordinary public meeting at 10.30 a.m. on Sunday 20 May in Ballymascanlon Hotel. This visit was organised by Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMD PhD.

In 2002 Cooley Environmental and Health Group received sponsorship from FYFFES and assistance from Louth County Enterprise Board for their 2nd Winter Workshop on Energy in Bush Post-Primary School on Saturday 26 January 2002. Speakers/participants in this Workshop were Very Rev Canon Gerard McGreevey, Professor Emeritus of Experimental Physics, NUI Maynooth: Aidan McCarron, ESB: Michael Corrigan, Senior Geography teacher, O’Fiaich College: Dr Larry Staudt, Chartered Engineer, School of Engineering, DKIT. Issues from world distribution of carboniferous fuel resources, to nuclear energy, alternative and renewable energy and the opening up of the Irish market for competition in the supply of electricity were dealt with in a mini marathon session that started at 2.00 pm and lasted over 5 hours.

The 2003 workshop on the topic Personal Energy was an elaborate affair with audio-visual presentations and an impressive list of speakers including Tommy Connolly ex-manager of Dundalk FC and a past pupil of Sean Crudden; Dixie O’Neill on yoga and mindfulness; and Dr. Kearney, a lecturer from DkIT on time management.

The 2004 Workshop, held on 31 January 2004, was on the theme Fabrication, Machinery, Dundalk and the Environment. The 5th Winter Workshop in 2005, held on Saturday 29th January, was on the theme Organisation and Health; whilst in 2006 the 6th Winter Workshop, held on the afternoon of 28 January 2006, discussed Isolation.

The topic for the 2007 workshop was Urban Sprawl; whilst the 8th Winter Workshop in 2008, held Saturday 26 January in the Strand Hotel, Omeath, addressed the problem of Anti-Social Behaviour. It was facilitated by Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMD PhD. The previous seven Winter Workshops were facilitated by Sean Crudden. The 2009 Workshop, facilitated by Archbishop Hynes assisted by Seán Crudden, and held on 24 January had the theme of Bulllying.