The links below provide access to health-related maps and other resources on external websites. Although they may open on small devices, they are best viewed on a desktop computer. Some sites require Adobe Acrobat to be installed. Each link should open in a new window or tab, leaving this page open.
The National Cancer Registry

The National Cancer Registry provides a series of maps showing the incidence rates for 20 different types of cancer mapped nationally by county. There are three maps for each cancer type. The first map in each set shows the rates over a 20 year period (1994 to 2013); the other two maps show the rates for 1994 to 2003 and 2004 to 2013 respectively.

The maps indicate that the cancer rate in Louth for all cancers is more or less the same as the national average. The same is true for almost every individual type of cancer (i.e. the Louth rates are neither significantly high nor significantly low). The main exceptions are cancer of the lung and cancer of the stomach, the rates for which are both significantly above average. The rate for non-melanoma skin cancer was significantly high in the first period, but significantly low in the second period, and consequently average over the entire study period.
Instant Atlas

Instant Atlas is an on-line facility provided by the Centre for Health Geoinformatics (a section within the National Centre for Geocomputation in Maynooth University) that may be used to create your own maps for various demographic and mortality indices. Data are currently available for each year between 2006 and 2011, but it is hoped to add further data shortly. The maps are produced at national level using specially designed sub-county areas called Intermediate Areas. This provides a more detailed picture than generally available elsewhere. Click the Help button for instructions on how to use the facility.
The Public Health Information System (PHIS)

The Public Health Information System was developed several years ago by Hugh Magee in the Department of Health. It was originally made available by CD, but it is now available on the Health Well - a veritable Aladdin's cave of health-related resources for both the Republic and Northern Ireland by the Ireland and Northern Ireland Public Health Observatory (INIsPHO) Team in the Institute of Public Health (IPH). PHIS provides tables for a number of indicators and incorporates a mapping option which allows maps to be drawn at county level for the Republic. However, getting PHIS to yield a map may require a little perseverance. The site contains a useful introductory video.
IPH Community Profiles

Another tool on the Health Well. This allows one to compile a statistical profile for your 'local' area (defined as a county in the Republic and a DCA in Northern Ireland). There is a broad range of indicators that can be examined, some of which are health-related. The tool includes a mapping option, but getting it to produce maps requires even more perseverance than PHIS.