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Meetings of the Cooley Environmental and Health Group, are held every two months or so, usually in the Strand Hotel, Omeath. Summaries of this year's meetings appear below with the most recent appearing towards the top of the page.

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The meetings of the Cooley Environmental and Health Group are open to all. If you would like to become involved in our activities, please come along. You will be very welcome.

The next meeting will be held on Sunday, 22nd September, 2019 at 10am in the Strand Hotel, Omeath.

The minutes are always carefully scrutinised before being accepted

Report on Cooley Environment and Health Group Meeting (AGM), Sunday 16th June 2019
Sean Crudden, as outgoing Treasurer, provided us with a detailed description of how he managed the CEHG accounts. He explained that transferring the signatories on the current Post Office accounts to the incoming Treasurer was not as straightforward as one might imagine. He also noted that the Post Office account does not provide internet banking. In the light of this, he suggested that it might be better for the incoming Treasurer to open a new Credit Union account and transfer the existing funds to that. It was decided the choice of Credit Union should be determined by which would be the most convenient for the incoming Treasurer.

The need for a social media savvy Public Relations Officer was again discussed. No new names for a potential candidate came immediately to mind. After discussing the workload that might be involved, it was felt that one of the existing officers might be able to 'double up' as PRO. The Chairman, Jonathan Larkin, is to speak nicely to our preferred candidate. It was noted that following an attack by hackers our Facebook page has now been taken down.

The next Winter Workshop was the main item on the agenda. Given that the 2020 Workshop will be the 20th hosted by the CEHG, it was decided to run with the provisional title "Health and Environment: 20 Years On". Various potential keynote speakers and organisations were identified. These are to be approached before the next meeting in September, at which point we hope to have a better idea of what form the Workshop might take.

It was agreed to hold the September meeting on the 22nd September - one week later than previously announced.
Report on Cooley Environment and Health Group Meeting (AGM), Sunday 14th April 2019
A number of items were discussed in today's business meeting, including arrangements for the transition to a new Treasurer to allow Sean Crudden to step down later in the year, and the need for a PRO to help publicise our events. The current state of our Facebook page received a lot of attention. This has unfortunately been hijacked by a dating site. The Chairman and the Hon. Secretary are going to put their heads together to see if our own page can either be salvaged or shut down completely. There was agreement that we need to raise our profile on social media. Sean Crudden reported briefly on the current state of finances, before we turned our attention to the 2020 Winter Workshop. It was noted that this will be the 20th annual Workshop. It was agreed that we would provisionally run it on the theme 'Health and Environment 20 years On'. The precise format will be fine tuned at forthcoming business meetings.

By way of experiment, a seminar on Nuclear Power: The Renewed Threat To The Cooley Environment had been advertised to follow the business part of the meeting. The turnout, however, proved to be very disappointing. It would seem that Sunday morning seminars are not the solution to raising public awareness on health and environmental issues. The seminar itself actually proved to be very interesting. Sean Crudden, as the principal speaker, treated us to an exposition on Einstein's special relativity theory and how this led to the development of atomic weapons during World War II and subsequently to nuclear power generation. Although Ireland does not generate any nuclear energy, we are beneficiaries of nuclear power generated in the UK although we are also at risk in the event of a major accident. Although the UK announced plans for a major expansion in nuclear power generation about 10 years ago, the general impression is that most of these plans have been shelved for economic reasons. It remains unclear whether wind and solar power will meet the likely future demand, but we should strive towards clean and safe energy wherever possible.
Report on Cooley Environment and Health Group Meeting (AGM), Sunday 17th February 2019
The AGM of the Cooley Environmental and Health Group was held at its February meeting. Sean Crudden provided a detailed breakdown on the Group's finances over the past year. These remain in a healthy state. We have a small reserve fund, sufficient to meet unanticipated contingencies, which was supplemented this year by a small excess of income over expenditure. It was felt that we were now sufficiently secure to consider a modest expansion of our activities. To this end it was agreed that we might experiment with hosting a Sunday morning Seminar at our next meeting (to be held on 14th April). In the light of some recent developments, it was decided the topic should be: 'Nuclear Power: The Renewed Threat To The Cooley Environment'. The seminar will begin at 11am and refreshments will be provided for attendees at 10am.

The Chairman, Jonathan Larkin, formally stood down the current committee and called for nominations for the Executive positions. Jonathan Larkin was re-elected Chairperson, Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes was re-elected Honorary Secretary, and Sean Crudden was re-elected Treasurer. It was decided to leave the positions of Vice Chairperson and Public Relations Officer open for the present, although a couple of very suitable candidates are to be approached. The Honorary Treasurer reported that he might need to step down later in the year. Hopefully this may not come to pass, but as a precaution it was decided that we should create a new position of Assistant Treasurer to allow a successor to be trained in. There was consensus agreement on the ideal candidate. The Chairman is to 'head hunt' our preferred choice before the next meeting.
Report on Cooley Environment and Health Group Meeting, Sunday 20th January 2019
This, the final meeting before the 2019 Workshop, was chaired by Jonathan Larkin. The main item on today's agenda was to finalise the details for the Workshop to be held next Saturday on the topic: The Health and Environmental Impact of Brexit on the Local Area. Sean Crudden reported that we had received funding from the Louth Local Enterprise Office. Glenda Byrne, Manager of the Strandfield Cafe and Flower Market has been earmarked as the principal speaker. It is hoped she will provide a personal perspective on the concerns facing local businesses in the current climate of uncertainty. Other speakers include Dr Dennis Pringle, who will attempt to summarise the current state of play and the possible scenarios that might arise. It is hoped that Eamonn O'Boyle, a very loyal supporter of the Workshop will be able to contribute from a political perspective. Other possible speakers were also discussed.

After the initial presentations, it planned to split the workshop into 3 groups to discuss possible Health implications, Environmental implications, and implications for cross-border movement and travel, before reporting back to a concluding round table session.