The welcoming fire in the Strand Hotel, Omeath


One of the major events organised by the Cooley Environmental and Health Group is an annual winter workshop, usually in late January, on a selected theme. The first workshop was organised in 2001 as a Millennium event, and a Workshop been held each year subsequently. Each workshop has a number of guest speakers, but discussion is thrown open to the floor. The workshops are open to everyone, so please come along if you would like to contribute, or simply to learn.

Please follow the links below to read reports on some of the previous workshops:
  • 2019 Workshop: The Health and Environmental Impact of Brexit on the Local Area
  • 2018 Workshop: Mental Health Care in Louth 1918-2018 and Beyond.
  • 2017 Workshop: Housing And Homelessness: Falling Through The Cracks
  • 2015 Workshop: Leadership and Participation: Community Development and the Demise of Local Government
The 2020 Winter Workshop will be held on Saturday 25th January, 2020 at 2pm in the Strand Hotel, Omeath. The topic for 2020 workshop is yet to be decided, but details will be posted here on this page once a decision has been reached.
The 2019 Winter Workshop was held on Saturday 26th January, 2019 at the Strand Hotel, Omeath. The topic for the 2019 Workshop was The Health and Environmental Impact of Brexit on the Local Area.

The principal speakers were:
  • Sean Crudden
  • Dennis Pringle
  • Niall Hayden, and
  • Eamonn O'Boyle

Following the speakers, the Workshop broke up into three groups to discuss the following topics before reporting back to a concluding round table session:
  • Travel, Trade and Citizenship
  • Environment, Agriculture, etc.
  • Health, Education, etc.

A full report of the 2019 Workshop may be viewed here.

Geraldine Kieran, Liam Kieran, Anne Muldowney and Dermot Mooney at the 2015 Workshop